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    Whittier Tree Service Company: Trimming, Removal (fast quotes)

    seema simien
    seema simien
    One of our trees was infested with parasites, which could have spread to the rest of the plants. Whittier Tree Service Company eliminated the pests and made sure the tree was going to recover. I'm very happy with the service.
    Loretta Hall
    Loretta Hall
    I am a homeowner who recently had the Whittier Tree Service Company removed dead trees and trim trees. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for tree service, especially if you're in the Irvine area.
    Mary Windsor
    Mary Windsor
    I have a few personal trees on my property that were not looking too healthy so I called Whittier Tree Service Company to come out and take care of them. They did an excellent job removing the dead trees, trimming some branches back, and cleaning up the debris left behind. I'm very happy with their service and would recommend them to anyone in need of tree removal or trimming services!

    When homeowners and residential property managers in Whittier and its environs need their trees trimmed, pruned, or removed, they know who to consult; Whittier Tree Service Company. Why? Because our arborists have built an unrivaled reputation as the premier tree service company, providing effective solutions that are focused on preserving trees and satisfying clients’ needs. We are a professional team with an unmatched love for trees and great respect for the environment and modern landscapes that express an incredible tale of professionalism. Dial (562) 526-0981 to get free quotes today. 

    Our tree service team not only focuses on providing top-notch services but also values customer relations. It’s not just the decades of experience that puts us ahead of the pack. Our equipment, professionalism, and aptitude for modern techniques are unmatched. At Whittier Tree Service Company, we are not just focused on completing the project. We want to give you the most professional services that not only suit your budget but also benefit your environment. And this is one of the major reasons we give free estimates via email. Because we believe it is convenient, faster, and efficient. 

    Our arborists crave clean environments and they believe that by helping you maintain evergreen shrubs all season, they are also conserving the environment, and in some way, making the world a better place. If you need unparalleled tree care services that emphasize the use of modern techniques and state-of-the-art equipment, call (562) 526-0981 or fill the contact form on this page and get a free quotation in hours. Yes! Hours. And not days!

    this is an image of tree service in whittier
    this is an image of tree service in whittier

    Why Choose Whittier Tree Service Company

    At Whittier Tree Service Company, we are committed to giving value for money using the most affordable solutions. We want to help you maintain your shrub by leaving you satisfied every time we work together. For these reasons, we are one of the top-ranked tree service companies in California. Our unique approach to tree care and maintenance means timely services, prompt emergency responses, and affordable prices.

    Generally, most of the homeowners in Whittier contact us through (562) 526-0981 to get the following services; 

    • Tree removal
    • Stump removal and grinding
    • Tree pruning
    • Tree doctor 
    • Emergency tree care
    • Residential and commercial tree service
    • Tree pest control
    • Bush trimming
    • Gardening and landscaping
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    Tree Removal

    One of the biggest requests we receive every year is professional tree removal services. As homeowners get ready for parties and adventures, they want to be certain that their shrubs pose no danger to their friends and families. If your Whittier trees are diseased, have dangerously overhanging branches near a power line, or pose a threat to your safety, removing them sounds the most reasonable decision.

    Reach us by dialing (562) 526-0981 to get free estimates. 

    We remove trees in the safest way possible, assuring little to no impact on your environment. For large-scale jobs, we may be forced to climb the trees before falling them using our tools, which can be daunting for many reasons. Tree removal in Whittier has been simplified these days, thanks to the great team of arborists at Whittier Tree Service Company. 

    Tree Cabling and Bracing

    Tree removal is our last effort to save your trees. We never recommend it unless we have no choice. For homeowners looking for the best tree removal alternative, we have tree cabling and bracing services. These procedures have a strong supplemental element to help strengthen the weak trees in your yard.

    Dial (562) 526-0981 to get free estimates.

    Our bracing services can help manage branch failure following a storm or if your trees need protection against a heavy wind. Cabling and bracing not only support tree growth but also extend its lifespan.

    When your Whittier trees appear to deteriorate, you can always rely on the skills of the experienced professionals at Whittier Tree Service Company. The process will commence with an in-depth evaluation of the structural elements of your trees including the roots, bark, and level of decay. Then, we will compare the benefits of cabling and bracing to complete removal before recommending the most suitable option.

    To find out more information about our cabling and bracing services, call (562) 526-0981 or fill out the contact form on this page.

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    this is an image of stump grinding in whittier

    Stump Removal and Grinding

    When removing trees, many homeowners will also choose to eliminate the unsightly stumps at the same time. And as the city’s premier tree service company, we will be up to the task. There are countless reasons you may want to remove tree stumps from your yard such as improving the visual appeal, for safety reasons, and as part of a continuing sanitation process. Stump removal is a complicated process that involves eliminating the stump together with the root. It involves the use of heavy machinery and leaves a big gap in your yard.

    Dial (562) 526-0981 for free estimates.

    So, if you are concerned about visual appeal and looking for a less complex solution that will give you a beautiful yard at a more affordable cost, stump grinding might be the best option. This is the ordinary process we recommend after falling your Whittier trees. And all that’s required is a stump grinder, which we use to remove the stump in bits while leaving the roots. Later, grass covers everything to give you a nice-looking yard once again. If you can’t choose between stump grinding and removal, contact us by filling out the contact form, and let’s give you the most professional advice after assessing your yard.

    Tree Pruning

    Pruning is an essential part of tree care and maintenance that ensures steady growth and fruition. This is a continuous process that achieves much more than just lifting face value.

    Contact us via (562) 526-0981 to get free estimates.

    At Whittier Tree Service Company, we offer a variety of tree pruning services including the following;

    • Raising
    • Crown reduction
    • Thinning
    • Cleaning
    • Topping
    • Rooster-tailing
    • Lion’s tailing

    Perhaps you will ask, but why is pruning important?

    Here’s how your property may benefit from our pruning services;

    • Pruning improves your tree’s health and growth
    • It improves the appearance of your trees
    • Allows your trees to get adequate sunlight
    • Pruning lowers the risk posed by overhanging branches
    • It helps to improve tree shape
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    this is an image of tree trimming in whittier

    Tree Trimming

    Whittier Tree Service Company boasts decades of experience in offering professional tree trimming services in California. Dial (562) 526-0981 to get free estimates.

    Our tree trimming services involve removing overgrown branches that may prevent your trees from getting sufficient sunlight. Generally, these services are concerned with the overall health of your shrub. We recommend tree trimming services at least twice a year but the frequency may vary depending on the tree species in your yard. For homeowners in Whittier and its environs, winter and spring are the perfect periods to trim your shrub. Tree trimming is a vital part of tree care and maintenance which should never be viewed as an ordinary DIY project.

    If you doubt your ability to evaluate your yard to find out if it may benefit from tree trimming, call the seasoned arborists at Whittier Tree Service Company. We have the experience and skills to complete the job faster, efficiently, and effortlessly.

    Tree Doctor

    At Whittier Tree Service Company, we give customized solutions for homes, government agencies, municipalities, businesses, and homes. We have seasoned arborists who are fully accredited to assess, diagnose, and treat tree diseases and manage pest infestation. We have the right treatment plan for practically any tree disease and it all starts from the time you contact us via (562) 526-0981 or by filling the contact form on this page.

    For common diseases such as pine needle rust, leaf rusts, and powdery mildew, we will first assess your yard, diagnose the problem, recommend solutions, and carefully monitor the progress thereafter. We will assess the entire yard to be sure that the disease hasn’t spread to the healthy trees. Our aftercare maintenance services translate to first-rate results and you can be rest assured to have a gorgeous landscape throughout the year. 

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    this is an image of emergency tree service in whittier

    Emergency Tree Service

    Emergencies are unpredictable. And you could be mistaken for thinking you only need emergency tree care after a downpour or storm. There are plenty of other situations where our services could be the only difference between maintaining a pure pristine shrub and starting afresh. A decayed or diseased tree poses a serious safety hazard at home and should be removed immediately.

    Our arbor care team is always on standby 24/7 just in case you need urgent help relating to emergency tree care. Our crew has specialized in using plenty of tools and equipment in the modern tree care industry and has the experience, skills, and cutting-edge knowledge to take care of instantaneous dangers as soon as they visit your home. Our crew will keenly assess the damage and ensure your safety before handling anything. Where homeowners can’t choose between two services, we will give a range of options to help them make an informed decision regarding emergency tree service and home improvement.

    At Whittier Tree Service Company, we never take anything for granted, meaning your safety and that of your loved ones will be paramount to our team throughout the process. Contact us by dialing (562) 526-0981 today.

    Residential and Commercial Tree Service

    Offering top-notch residential tree service and commercial tree services, we are confident to turn your boring yards into fresh and clean shrubs that add value to your landscape. Growing healthy and mature trees not only takes time and commitment but also requires a collective effort. From diagnosing tree diseases to pruning your trees, trimming the unwanted branches, grinding ugly stumps, and offering landscaping solutions, it’s easy to see why we are the region’s most sought-after tree service company for residential and commercial solutions.

    While we may use specialized equipment to remove unwanted trees, we are also willing to provide custom-made solutions that suit your preferences, environment, and most importantly, budget. Whether a government agency looking for the most affordable tree planting solutions in Whittier or a recently established school seeking the most professional solutions for an upcoming tree removal project, we have everything it takes to guarantee exceptional results.

    For expert and the most affordable tree care services for your home, contact us through (562) 526-0981 or by filling the contact form on this page.

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    this is an image of pest control in whittier

    Tree Pest and Disease Control

    Everybody dreams of creating a picture-perfect backyard with a uniform shrub and mature trees. But a few people pay attention to the basic requirements such as sunlight, nutrients, and professional advice. Nobody can dispute the fact tree pest and disease control requires top-notch arboricultural skills. You may be the boss at home, who knows their trees best. But this should never eliminate the need to work with qualified arborists like Whitter Tree Service Company when you first notice the signs and symptoms of deterioration that would indicate a serious health concern.

    Our tree pest control is a comprehensive service that starts with monitoring the decaying tree’s performance against the healthy ones. It’s always advisable to contact our team as soon as you notice any of the following symptoms;

    • Thin or dwarfed leaves
    • Discolored leaves
    • Dead limbs
    • Fungal growths on tree limbs and trunks
    • Bumpy scales on the leaves, branches, and the bark of your trees
    • Loose bark


    Nothing complements a yard like an evergreen garden or good-looking landscape. At Whittier Tree Service Company, we give you timeless landscaping solutions to transform your property. Our crew has a proven background experience, knowledge, and skills to turn your wildest landscaping dreams into reality using modern techniques. We thrive on the idea that no job should ever be underrated, and we take huge pride in being the city’s most valuable company when it comes to offering reliable landscaping solutions.

    Contact us today by dialing (562) 526-0981 or by filling up the contact form and let’s kick off your project straightaway.

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    Locations We Serve

    If you are bothered about an upcoming storm or torrential rains in California, check out our services today at Whittier Tree Service Company. We have exactly what you are looking for in a tree service company and at the most affordable price.

    For years, we have worked with clients from Friendly Hills to West Road, East Whittier, Workman Mill Road, Santa Gertrude’s Avenue, and Greenleaf Avenue. Our services are broadly distributed throughout California and there’s no location we haven’t accessed. For our global clients, contact our team to get the most suitable recommendation and a customized plan for your upcoming tree service.

    Contact Whittier Tree Service Company

    Whittier Tree Service Company is known for its love for trees, transparency, and professionalism. We take pride in our long-standing reputation as the city’s most trusted tree service company. To request a free estimate,  feel free to fill the dial (562) 526-0981 or use the contact form on this page to get custom-made solutions that suit your budget.